Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vital signs.

My girlfriend and I are swell.
Brighthouse is great.
Red, Fox and Pheiffer (the dawgs) are perfect, as always.
The cats are driving us mad.
The weather is part-time sucking but Fall is on the way so I am thrilled.
And, in spite of all of that, lately, I don't have too much to I am just posting work I'm doing.



Tania Rochelle said...

which is lovely.

aud said...


minus five said...

dude, those paintings are awesome.

Mary Campbell said...

thank you thank you ladies :)

Spence said...

Yes, very lovely indeed. I can't wait to start creating stuff too...

SO, is your bike tire still flat? 'Cause I could help ya fix it on Saturday and we could all maybe go for a ride?? Drop me an email so I have yours... ;)