Friday, October 27, 2006

Today's Horoscope.

Well that is just peachy. I guess the *stars* don't know about critique week, deadlines, and other practical matters.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cortex vs. Heart

Generally speaking, I am someone who tends to default to logic over emotion when faced with crucial decisions that need to be made. So much so that, a scientist friend of mine said to me this weekend "For Chrissake, Mary, you are more logical than I am...and I am a scientist and YOU are an artist/creative...that is just not right." I am constantly managing a balance between logic and emotion...or, more accurately, struggling to listen to my emotions, intuitions, feelings and trusting those things. In many situations, this works to my benefit...but, in certain situations, this puts me in a very wrong place. In relationships, this gets me into a LOT of trouble. I have a tendency to override my gut often because I *think* things through...I look at the person as a checklist of attributes, attitudes and qualities that do or don't gel with me. I think about what makes sense for me...what would increase the probability of having a successful relationship. If I don't "feel" that certain something that suggests there may be chemistry or attraction, I convince myself that, perhaps, that is a good thing because it will keep the relationship from moving too fast and I will REALLY get to know someone and, in time, will develop those feelings of attraction.

Yeah right. Ask me how that's worked for me.

The irony is that the best, most successful relationships I have had have been when I *felt* my way through them. It has been when my gut, my intuition has been my guide. I have spent a lot of time (and money) on developing my self and, yet, I am keenly aware of the fact that I second guess my gut more often than not. But I realized something recently...that all of this second-guessing is simply NOT going to work for me long term....or short term, for that matter. I never stopped to think about it like this, but we make poor choices when we are operating from a place of need, compensation, unconscious motivation...but most people don't really stop to look at and examine who they are. They blame others, lash out at people who do not meet their needs, believe the world is just *against* them, but that is really just a way to avoid the real issue at hand. The truth of the matter is that we have to learn to heal from our lives; this responsibility belongs to us as individuals, not our potential significant others. It is part of the building (and sometimes rebuilding) of the foundation that is the core of who we are emotionally.

What I have come to really *GET* here is that, my foundation is really quite good. I take care of myself, I repair the cracks and examine the weaknesses, and it is highly unlikely that my gut will lead me to the wrong thing. I am pretty selective in who I choose to date...I do make sure most of my checklist items are in place...because those things are important...but they are only the starting point. I realize that I have to let go of the analyzation and really listen to my heart if I am going to have the kind of relationship that goes the distance. Admittedly, that is scary to me. I have BIG may not see them a lot, but they are there. I love BIG and I feel give that, any part of that, to another person is such a leap of faith and trust...and it is a very valuable gift that I don't give away to just anyone because it means I am really vulnerable. The truth is that, it is only through the willingness to be vulnerable, that we really able to achieve true intimacy.

Scary, but true, to this big fat Virgo.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

chilled purses.

So, this weekend, I went to part with some new friends...actually, they were mostly strangers but I have been up for social adventures know, doing things outside of my normal, mundane *stay at home and blog* routine. It was late, time to go home and I went to retrieve my friend and I looked up to the top of the fridge, where I had put it when I came in, and it was gone.


That's right, I was about to be the victim of theft for the 5th time, I briefly thought.

Then, and epiphany....

I said, "well, the most logical place for us to look is inside the fridge."

Yes, dear readers, that made the most sense to me at this moment time...and, mind you, I had only consumed two adult beverages...and it was close to 4am. So, for all of you getting ready to correlate my crazy notions with alchohol consumption...try again.

Low and behold, where was my purse?

In the case of Red Bull in the fridge.

Strange things happen to me when I venture outside of my comfort zone.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Request for Feedback.

Ok, most of you may have already received an e-mail from me, but for those of you who have not...I'd LOVE some feedback for a concept I'm working on!

Hello dear friends.
Once again, I am summoning you all in the pursuit of information for a project I am working on.
I have just a few questions that I would LOVE some feedback on.
I am concepting a new "third" environment...think Starbucks...or your favorite local bar/club...or a local bookstore...familiar environments that you go to often.
Remember...the sky is the limit...your answers need not be practical.

1. What is your ideal social environment outside of the home (bar, restaurant, etc.)?
(what would it look like, feel like, who would the people be around you, what kind of music would be playing, where would it be located, what kind of entertainment would be offered)

2. What do you look for when you "go out" for drinks or coffee or gather with friends in a social environment?
(entertainment, the opportunity to meet new people, just having time with friends, etc.)

3. What is missing from today's social environments in your opinion?

4. What do you HATE or LOVE the most about the social environments that exist in today's culture?

5. Who is your favorite graphic design student who happens to be outrageously gorgeous and super talented?

Thanks a bunch for the feedback!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tabula rasa.

I have nothing compelling to blog about but this:
I have been so busy lately that I have not run in a week...this compounded with the fact that I feel like I am getting sick. Neither of these things would've stopped me in the past from making time for exercise. I have exercised with a fever, a complete lack of sleep, and every other adverse physical condition under the sun...but, somehow, staying healthy has trumped a need to be obsessive in the past week. Oh my, it is seriously uncomfortable...but I'm hanging in there...
yeah, I'm a bit of a freak.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Frank Gehry

Today I heard Frank Gehry speak at the Society for Neuroscience meeting here in Atlanta. It was a huge event...and, quite frankly, I don't know that I was supposed to be attending the discussion because I didn't have a fancy hang tag to wear that said who I was, where I studied and what level of education I had completed (PhD or MD). Alas, I relied on my Southern charm and natural good looks and managed to sneak in. It was awesome. So inspirational. He was so funny, down to earth, and natural. You would've thought the man was talking about baking cookies....meanwhile, back at the ranch, he freaking designed the Guggenheim in Spain...among MANY other AMAZING structures. Once again, I was struck by how the creative mind works...Hank loves to quote Louis Kahn's "form comes from wonder" piece...and it is true...all great pieces of art come from a sense of wonder and curiosity...behind that is someone who believes enough in their vision and craft to execute it. Gehry had no use for the conventions of his time, or the limits of what was, he imagined what COULD be and created it. His work is amazing, innovative, organic...and the scale of his work amplifies all of these inherent properties. He talked about "informed intuition" as being a part of his creative process...I will devote an entire blog entry to this term...but seeing how a work of art is born from these loose sketches, to scaled models to the real I was moved, inspired, intrigued...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Toast and kittens.

Okay, so I've had a really busy week...and have been the WORST BLOGGER EVER. Alas, I dug deep within the Mary Campbell archives and thought of this funny story to tell...a little insight into why, perhaps, I have struggled with food issues in my life.
It all started back in high school when we adopted our cat, Nicholas. Nicholas was one of those cats that had absolutely no use for humans. He did his own thing, was very independent and had a very odd personality. Well, my mom had this fabulous toaster. It was probably a hand-me-down from her mother, but was one of those great old stainless steel 50's toasters.

I was home from college one weekend and went to make myself some toast for breakfast...I put the toast in the toaster and about 2 minutes later, smelled a most horrific odor coming from the toaster...the following conversation ensued:

Mary: mom, WHAT is that awful smell coming from the toaster?

Mom: oh, Nicholas likes to watch himself pee and has taken to peeing on the toaster.

Mary: WHAT? GROSS? Mom, why don't you just get RID of that toaster and get a new one...that is disgusting!!

Mom: well, we just turn the toaster on REALLY HIGH and burn out the won't hurt just smells gross.

And they wondered why I needed so much therapy...I rest my case.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Fair.

So I went to the Georiga National Fair yesterday.
What an adventure it was...the people watching was pretty amazing...but I'll let you all see for yourselves...
To see all of my fabulous fair pics, GO HERE.
Here is a series of more "artsy" shots.

Here are my Southern redneck pride shots.

Here are some compelling reasons NOT to eat too many funnel cakes.

I encourage EVERYONE to get to a local fair as quickly as possible...if nothing else, you'll walk away feeling beautiful, smart and thin.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Conversation with my sister (take 2).

One more excerpt from a sister - mary conversation this weekend.

Mary: so, Elizabeth, if you could do ANYTHING, what would it be? I mean...if it didn't matter about money, kids, all of that...everything would be taken care of...

Elizabeth: Mary, I have a child and a husband now...that is who I am...I can't just do whatever I want to do...

Mary: I realize this. I am not proposing that you kill your child, divorce your husband, have a sex change and flee the country...I was asking you to IMAGINE...just use your IMAGINATION...if you could do anything, what would your dream job be?

Elizabeth: Look, Mary, I'm sorry, I don't have some kind of ROMANTIC answer about what I'm PASSIONATE about... (note the condescending tone)

Mary: never mind then.

This, my dear readers, is indicative of the great divide between myself and my family. Passion, love, and an absolute devotion to what I do is what motivates me to get up in the morning and stay up all night to finish a project. There is nothing else I could do or would want to do. I have never been one to be able to sit with a sense of mediocrity...If there is something out there for me...that is exactly who I am and what I want to do, I am going to find a way to get it. Passing time, wasting time on things that don't really not for me...even if it means I sacrifice "security," approval, understanding and assurance, nothing is worth the cost of self-sacrifice.

In some ways it is sad that my family and I will never see things eye-to-eye, but that we have managed to figure out a way to navigate the troubled waters of our relationships and (most of the time) respect one another is a fairly amazing thing.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday's Reading Assignment.

World's Shortest Fairytale

(sent to me by a fabulous friend.)

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?" The girl said, "NO!" . . .and, the girl lived happily ever! And afterwards, she went shopping, dancing, took cruises, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had sex when and with whomever she pleased... did whatever the heck she wanted, never argued, didn't get fat, traveled at will, had many friends, both men and women, didn't save money and, had all the hot water to herself. Further, she went to the theatre, never had to watch football, never wore absurd lacy lingerie that crept up her butt, possessed good self esteem, never cried or swore and, felt and looked fabulous in sweat pants.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday's Video.

Here's a video we did for the new kids this quarter.
It's the best that could be done between midnight and 6am.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Retrospective.

So mom and sis left today...all in all, it was a quick, uneventful trip. We went out to eat on Friday ONE midtown kitchen. The food was heavy, the atmosphere was entirely too loud and I think there was a Jessica Simpson look-a-like conference happening at the table behind us, but it was fun, nonetheless. Saturday was spent driving all over Atlanta, doing some shopping, going to the HIGH and then having a most FABULOUS dinner at Floataway Cafe. Here's a little bit of our conversation home in the car.

Mom: Mary, what are all of these PEOPLE doing out on the street this late?

Mary: Well, mom, it is a city and you guys are staying across from the Fox theatre where Keith Urban was in concert.

Mom: I mean, there are a lot of black people in Atlanta!

Mary: yes, there are.

Mom: and they all drive such fancy that bass coming from your car?

Mary: Um, no.

Mom: My goodness, that is LOUD!

Mary: yes, it is very loud.

Elizabeth (sister): (rolling her window down) what is that smell?

Mary: (looking at Elizabeth with a "duh" expression)

Elizabeth: I think it might be a skunk.

Mary: I don't think it's a skunk. I believe midtown Atlanta solved the out-of-control skunk popluation problem in the late 80's.

Elizabeth: no, it really smells like a skunk.

Mary: you know what else smells like a skunk?

Elizabeth: I've SMELLED marijuana before...but THAT is a skunk.

Mary: You're probably right. I'm sure the car PACKED with people that is filled with smoke are probably just a bunch of skunk collectors going to the monthly saturday night skunk meeting in downtown Atlanta.