Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Retrospective.

So mom and sis left today...all in all, it was a quick, uneventful trip. We went out to eat on Friday ONE midtown kitchen. The food was heavy, the atmosphere was entirely too loud and I think there was a Jessica Simpson look-a-like conference happening at the table behind us, but it was fun, nonetheless. Saturday was spent driving all over Atlanta, doing some shopping, going to the HIGH and then having a most FABULOUS dinner at Floataway Cafe. Here's a little bit of our conversation home in the car.

Mom: Mary, what are all of these PEOPLE doing out on the street this late?

Mary: Well, mom, it is a city and you guys are staying across from the Fox theatre where Keith Urban was in concert.

Mom: I mean, there are a lot of black people in Atlanta!

Mary: yes, there are.

Mom: and they all drive such fancy that bass coming from your car?

Mary: Um, no.

Mom: My goodness, that is LOUD!

Mary: yes, it is very loud.

Elizabeth (sister): (rolling her window down) what is that smell?

Mary: (looking at Elizabeth with a "duh" expression)

Elizabeth: I think it might be a skunk.

Mary: I don't think it's a skunk. I believe midtown Atlanta solved the out-of-control skunk popluation problem in the late 80's.

Elizabeth: no, it really smells like a skunk.

Mary: you know what else smells like a skunk?

Elizabeth: I've SMELLED marijuana before...but THAT is a skunk.

Mary: You're probably right. I'm sure the car PACKED with people that is filled with smoke are probably just a bunch of skunk collectors going to the monthly saturday night skunk meeting in downtown Atlanta.


minus five said...

skunks were in my apartment all weekend.

aud said...

haha they sound hilarious. esp your mom. for some reason I thought they were staying at your apt. you know like a big ole slumber party.


oh dear god, Audrey...I would have lost my mind...what little is left of it.