Thursday, October 19, 2006

Request for Feedback.

Ok, most of you may have already received an e-mail from me, but for those of you who have not...I'd LOVE some feedback for a concept I'm working on!

Hello dear friends.
Once again, I am summoning you all in the pursuit of information for a project I am working on.
I have just a few questions that I would LOVE some feedback on.
I am concepting a new "third" environment...think Starbucks...or your favorite local bar/club...or a local bookstore...familiar environments that you go to often.
Remember...the sky is the limit...your answers need not be practical.

1. What is your ideal social environment outside of the home (bar, restaurant, etc.)?
(what would it look like, feel like, who would the people be around you, what kind of music would be playing, where would it be located, what kind of entertainment would be offered)

2. What do you look for when you "go out" for drinks or coffee or gather with friends in a social environment?
(entertainment, the opportunity to meet new people, just having time with friends, etc.)

3. What is missing from today's social environments in your opinion?

4. What do you HATE or LOVE the most about the social environments that exist in today's culture?

5. Who is your favorite graphic design student who happens to be outrageously gorgeous and super talented?

Thanks a bunch for the feedback!


Anonymous said...

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wow, thanks anonymous! I'll check into that if this design gig doesn't pan out.

ktothefe said...

Hi Mary,

I needed a break from Sylvia’s poster-making hell, so I thought I'd respond to your request for feedback. Plus anonymous money maker and I are in a fight, and I can't have him be the only a-hole responding to your blog:

1. I can't think of any place specifically, but I can tell you what I'd want it to require from me:

- trendy dress code, but w/out being pretentious or a slave to fashion "do's" of the season

- layered lighting to help soften the environment

-it would feel a little "suck in your gut and pose" but without being too "hold your drink with your pinky sticking up"

- music would be an eclectic mix--similar to Starbucks; but it would feature artists who hadn't been introduced into the mainstream

- it would be located in an area similar to "little five points" here in Atlanta (please forgive me if it's actually called 5 points; I’m quite new to the area)

- in terms of entertainment, it would offer an art exhibit of local artists. Perhaps once a month there would be a kick-off show to feature the artist's work. The work would remain up for the remainder of the show. That way, the art becomes a secondary or even tertiary form of entertainment. It's up to the patrons to entertain themselves with conversation etc. Perhaps that art could inspire that "personal form of entertainment"

2. I look for an opportunity to be loud and funny and have all out good drunken time with friends

3. what's missing in today's social environment: social authenticity, that is, people's ability to be honest with themselves and each other

4. what do i love most: alcoholics and the crazy shit they do when they're drunk

what do i hate most: gay clich├ęs and other gay people's needs to fit comfortably into them

5. my favorite graphic design student who is outrageously gorgeous and super talented: Kevin Fenton.....hmmm....i think he's a 1st quarter student, which is odd because everything he produces is totally on par with the work of one, mary mcaldwell....who is quite advanced in her study of design...... ; )