Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday's Video.

Here's a video we did for the new kids this quarter.
It's the best that could be done between midnight and 6am.


minus five said...

i scheduled out a small break at work to watch your video. it was actually pretty funny and its amazing enough you could have pulled it together in six hours. i'm sure the new kids liked it. they were probably too stunned and overwhelmed by the first day to have thought otherwise. i spent my first day looking around going "who the fuck are these people and do i seriously have to make friends with them?"


I sort of felt like it sucked a little, but I'm a, there you have it!

cla said...

but, Mary, tell the truth to these poor lambs as they're led to slaugher: 50% of your student loans go to the liquor store - it's the rest that's split on Willy's and supplies! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hahah...mary, thanks for the plug!
Epidemik Coalition Dot Com

k said...

that is so good.
fabulous fabulous.

awesome job.

ktothefe said...

hi mary,

you don't know me, but i've seen you in the halls at PC a lot. I'm Kevin Fenton, a first quarter design student. i think the video you guys put together for us was awesome and it's inspired me to document my entire first quarter (and the other five too). hopefully i'll be able to learn how to make some cool videos like yours and show it to the next round of first quarter students!