Friday, December 21, 2007


it's official.
I am over christmas.
The stress of packing, buying christmas presents, anticipating the 8 hour drive through the bowels of Alabama and being home for 4 days is driving me to question if it is legal to drink and drive in Alabama and Mississippi. I think that is only in Louisiana, however.
Doesn't it seem like Christmas used to be so much more magical and so much less stressful? Maybe I'm just getting older. I'm sure I'll have much to blog about upon returning to the ATL...stay tuned and have a super-duper-major-fucking-happy-holiday season!

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Jessica said...

oh i totally agree. christmas should be about hanging out with the family or friends or whatever. not a mad dash to buy some dinky present that they will forget in a few years anyway. i am not into at all.