Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunny and Warm?

Well, it has been a cold one here in Atlanta. Believe it or not, we got snow. That's right folks, snow....the white stuff. I don't know about you, but when the temperature says "feels like 3 (degrees)," that is a signal to me to stay inside, cook pot roast, make stuff on my sewing machine and read blogs which is precisely what I did yesterday. For the dogs, however, snow means something else entirely. Fox and Pfeiffer thoroughly enjoyed racing around in the snow, getting completely soaked and frozen while Red (the coveted Beagle) was more into lounging on the couch, sipping on some hot cider and protecting his smoked pig's ear. Per usual, the cats were unimpressed. Does anything ever impress a cat? I think not. My lady, being from the great state of Montana very much enjoyed the snow and thought my snow-ball snowing skills were a bit sub-par. Well people, that's what you get when you combine a Louisiana Native with no sporting skills or eye-hand-coordination.

Fox, playing in the snow.

Our cozy home, covered in snow.

All of the kids in the backyard....I think Red is looking for his buried rawhide.


minus five said...

i can't believe i'm about to use the word "pretty," but it does look pretty and i can't think of another way to say it.

aud said...

I wish me and mad were there!!! p.s. Claire and I had a taco night last night. Sorry. We missed you.

Jason said...

Mary, your house looks very familiar. I know I've driven by it sometime while I was in Atlanta. Is that in Decatur? Hope things are well...actually, they look like they are.