Monday, June 16, 2008

catching up....sort of.

Whoa, were those two of the lamest. posts. ever? Yeah, well that is what you get when you are balls-to-the-wall busy. Sadly, I must report that my weekend included neither margaritas nor a pool. On the upside, I did see the new Sex in the City movie...and it was fab. Made me want to run off and live in NYC...that is, until my beagle kindly brought a dead bunny into the house...onto the couch...and I realized this could never happen in the middle of Manhattan. Aah, domestic bliss.


minus five said...

i can give you 100 other reasons to stay right where you're at.

you may be able to get a dead squirrel or pigeon up here, but a bunny would be tough. so would that green grass.

Harpy said...

or a rat!