Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spirits in Camphooperville.

Despite total exhaustion, oppressive heat and mosquitos, and a vacation TOO far away in the future, the ladies of Camphooperville are hanging in there with not too much to report, other than a possible spirit infestation in the homestead.

Here is recap of our other-worldly run-ins of the past 5 days:
1. Montana wakes up at 3am to hear her iTunes blaring Elliot Smith from the room where Oliver and Sprout sleep. The keyboard is stowed beneath the desk and there is no reason iTunes should spontaneously be playing at any time....

2. Red and Fox, who sleep in their comfy box, bust out and come wake us up at around 5:30am. The box is latched and there is no way they could unfasten it, without assistance.

3. I make coffee on Saturday night so that on Sunday morning, all I have to do is hit "on"....I wake up and do so, only to return to see the water streaming all over the counter. I am CERTAIN that the basket was in place when I hit "on." Certain.

All I can figure is that whatever is going on....whatever spirit, energy, what-have-you is going on in our home, it must like dogs, coffee and music. Go figure.

1 comment:

minus five said...

aren't you scared? holy crap, i would be! that's way worse than a dead rat ending up in your bed.

i would like everyone to know that if they agree to not haunt my house when they die then i won't haunt their houses when i die.

maybe it's just patrick swayze.