Sunday, November 09, 2008

Change I can believe in.

Times of change are always difficult because it means that life as we know it is shifting and the future we thought we could envision will be very different.  It makes one feel very uncertain, unstable, insecure and anxious.  Okay, maybe that is just me.   As much as I like change, I am fearful of it because, let's face it, routine is routine.  Predictable is predictable.  Nothing right, nothing wrong.  Dramatic life changes shake everything up.  They are scary.  I have decided that therein lies an opportunity for more growth.  Rather than hunker down and rail against the inevitable shifting life tides, why not just jump right on in?   That is what I am doing in this particular time of change.  Practice what I preach.  Pull myself up by my bootstraps and determine a course of personal movement that sustains me in every way.  Let go of the past and heal my soul in ways that are vital to my movement forward.  Today I threw away about 8 FULL boxes of stuff...stuff that I've been lugging around since I graduated college including but not limited to notes from my college chemistry class and the employee handbook for Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.   Why was I holding onto that stuff?   Mostly because I truly thought I would need it one least that is story I told myself.  Today, I think I just recognized that it was time to let go, really and maybe I just finally found the courage to do that. 

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