Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Welcome Back Potter.

Back from NYC. How much do I LOVE that city? A LOT. I was seriously ready to pack my girlfriend, our pets and a piece of furniture or two and move when I stepped out of the taxi and hit the streets, my nostrils filling with the scent of street food and car exhaust. I got in on Sunday afternoon, put my bags down at the hotel and went to to see a beautiful Motherwell painting up close and see things live and to scale is breathtaking. I then proceeded to walk all over the city, saw one celebrity (Jerry O'Connell): and went to the Strand bookstore. 18 miles of books? I was in heaven. Around 7pm, I was just about tired of walking and took advantage of a REAL public transportation system, the New York subway system, and headed back to my hotel. Sure, it was the size of a shoe-box and in the middle of Times Square, but who really cares? New York is not really about a hotel room anyway. It was clean and the restaurant served sushi. Life was good. Monday was the portfolio was a GREAT experience. I just about lost my voice talking all day but it was a fabulous opportunity to develop my schpeel for future interview opportunities and I got to meet a lot of very cool people. It truly is amazing to see what opportunities are out there for us as designers and I believe it is a very exciting time to be entering the field. I got some great feedback on my book and I am in a great place to be finishing up my book. Tuesday I woke up, went to the American Folk Art Museum (talk about some visual storytelling...we should all be paying attention to these self-taught "folk artists"--they have something to say and they say it in a most beautiful metaphorical way) and the Museum for Art and Design, ate a pastrami reuben and headed to the airport.


I am exhausted...but excited to finish things up and head out into the world of the working. For now, I am looking forward to a quiet dinner with my lady and a nice, big glass of wine.


minus five said...

your stuff looked great and i'm glad ny was nice to you during your visit. sometimes he's an asshole.

k said...

Hullo Mary! It was great to meet you in real life instead of just in bloglife.
And New York is the best thing on the planet. Move here. Yes. Now. Ok. Good.