Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New York Bound!

(photo courtesy of somebody on flickr....um, yeah...thanks!)

So, I am headed to the big city, New York that is, in a little less than a week. We were informed last Thursday that a group of us were *invited* to attend a portfolio review at the New York Art Directors Club. Aside from being under a LOT of pressure to get things done, shot, printed, mounted, bound and ready for presentation, I am excited. Ultimately, like any other "critique," I am looking forward to getting some feedback. I won't know any of these folks, none of them know anything about me and I feel like I will get a really honest assessment of my work. I am anxious to really know where I stand among my peers. Ultimately, I understand that it doesn't really matter....that I have to believe in my work, and all of that but, who am I kidding, I want to know how I measure up against the competition. That is the one thing that is so utterly demoralizing about design...we are constantly comparing, measuring, trying to be the best, the smartest, the most creative...and, alas, there is ALWAYS someone else who is better. It is the perfect profession for a perfectionist. We are trained to seek out mistakes and imperfections like heat-seeking missiles...as I sit here looking at my packaging project...my "final" edition, all I can see are the little details that are not quite right.

Folks, it is going to be a long week.

Say a prayer for me, the F-Bomber. That is my girlfriend's new nickname for me...because I like to use the F-word frequently. I embrace it. I may even make a t-shirt commemorating it for myself...maybe I'll even wear it to the portfolio review.


minus five said...

the city is waiting to pollute your lungs with smog and litter and piled up garbage and the occasional pleasure of cigarette smoke. ny really is a piece of paradise.

good luck finishing up. i'm full of resources if you need them. and i also have two hands that can sometimes be put to good use.

ktothefe said...

Good luck in NYC!!!! I'm sure you'll get the feedback you're looking for--what a great opportunity! Look forward to reading about it :)