Sunday, April 22, 2007

Handy(wo)man, Mary.

As promised, I mentioned that I would proudly reveal the before and after shots of the home project my GF and I took on a few weeks ago. For any of you out there who enjoy this kind of thing, you know what it is like when you get one project started....100's more pop up and before you know it you are tearing down walls, changing out all fixtures, re-painting and building a deck.

Before I reveal my latest project, I thought I'd share a few of my other (less complicated) building projects.



Finally, the new porch daybed.....aaaaah, perfect for morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening.

Now, we are ready for a Spring party.


minus five said...

i need a new bench for the roof so i can sit on it and smoke. the other one broke after being exposed to the elements for two years. can you come up here and build one? it has to be sturdy enough to not move or blow off the roof but not too sturdy to where it comes crashing through my ceiling just below. i would build it myself, but i'm pretty sure i would forget to consider something important that would eventually result in the death of an innocent bystander on the street. thanks in advance. i'll see you in a week.

Tania Rochelle said...

These projects are awesome! I'm so impressed.

Biggy, are you taking notes?

biggy said...

yes. Very nice. My projects take time to work themselves out of my brain and into my capable hands.

ktothefe said...

Mary that is AWESOME!!!!!! You could pretty much be a carpenter on any given HGTV show, or perhaps a reality-show competition on BRAVO!

Anne-Davnes said...

I'm not worthy.

I suck.

Here I am making books smaller than my hands and you're making FURNITURE! Beautiful, functional furniture!

I'll say it again. I suck.

A said...

holy moly, those things are amazing!!! (!)


thank you thank you thank you.