Sunday, April 15, 2007


So, the other day, I was searching for a "" type website that would connect pet owners with each other for puppy play groups or some other kind pet-centric social activity. I happened upon, along with friend, Colleen, spent an hour looking a cheesy profiles. Here is the best. I would like to point out this gentleman's love of weaponry, mankind and simultaneous loathing of gays. Single's your chance.


minus five said...

1. please say that you responded to his ad or that you will very soon. i bet the email correspondence would be way better than the ad.

2. i didn't realize we were still dealing with caste systems in 2007.

3. spelling. command of the english language. awesome.

ktothefe said...

Wow! hard to believe this one's still on the market! I'm tempted to send him good ol' educational gay porn!