Wednesday, August 29, 2007

request for help.

Dear Readers,
I have favor to ask. It's not a huge one, but I could really use some help. One of my VERY dear friends has recently moved to New York to attend school at Purchase College for sculpture. She has been STRUGGLING to find housing and has been unable to find anything. She has $$cash$$ and is employed if any of you know of can be a studio apartment, a room for rent....anything that will take her and 2 cats ASAP. Just send me an e-mail ( and I'll forward it to her if ANYONE knows of anything!!!
Thanks a bunch,


minus five said...

has she been on craigslist. that's really the way to go. the suck part is how most all of the good stuff is probably gone for 9/1 move-in dates, but pretty soon, they'll have 9/15 postings going up. you can have her call me if she has questions about neighborhoods or anything like that. i won't be back in town until the 10th.

k said...

Ah jeez. The new york apartment hunt. It's miserable, arduous, and can bring you to your knees. I couldn't be happier with my choice to forego the craigslist misery and get a broker. Yeah it would have been nice to not pay the fee, but then again it sure is nicer to be sitting right now in my amazing rent-stabilized top-floor studio apartment in Manhattan that I can actually afford. is who I used. They're really great.