Friday, November 23, 2007


I am starting an on-line poll. My lovely lady thinks that a scooter would be a bad idea for me as I sometimes can be a little clumsy and attention deficit. Plus she thinks that Atlanta traffic doesn't really care about scooter drivers on the road and I will end up being an mangled pile of flesh and bones on Ponce one day on my way to work. I, on the other hand, think that I would be just fine becuase I would be extra safe, take the neighborhood streets and would probably wear a REALLY big and bright safety helmet.
Here are my compelling pro-scooter arguments:
1. Gas costs me a FORTUNE. Somewhere in the neigborhood of $200/mo.
2. My car is unneccesary for my commuting needs
3. My carbon footprint is an atrocity
5. I have not been in any accidents or had any tickets in at least the last 10 years
4. I would look really cute on my orange retro-styled, no insurance or tags needed in the state of Georgia, scooter with my scarf waving in the wind.

Now is the time for you, my kind readers, to weigh in.


Ty said...

Mary, I trust you. I don't however, trust other Atlanta drivers. I'm gonna have to say no to the scooter, even if the safety helmet is the brightest color I've ever seen.

Tania Rochelle said...

How cute you would look is reason enough to get it.

The carbon-footprint-thing was smart to add, though.

Spence said...

Oh goodness. I have to agree with Ty although if your bike riding safety is any indication of how safe you'll be while on your fashion statement transportation, I vote no, again. Sorry babe, it's just that I need you here on this earth to take in all the mongrel animals out there. And to cook me turkey.

biggy said...

Pro: You will look hip and make Al Gore proud

Con: You will likely die looking hip and making Al Gore proud

Don't do it.