Saturday, March 15, 2008


What is so alarming about these photographs, is, exactly what the commentator says, that these were REAL people, with REAL lives, families, and pets...they were just like anyone else. But they were responsible for exterminating millions of people, simply because they were different. Group-think is such a scary happens today, all over the place, in the US, in our schools, in our communities...we should ALWAYS question EVERYTHING. Always dig deeper, always go to the source, make your own decisions, take the time to figure out the TRUTH. I think that is what is really missing in our current culture. We exist on headline news, commentary from blogs, powerpoint-condensed information but seldom do we take the time to really go to the source and decide for ourselves what to think. It takes time, it takes energy, it takes a willingness to be wrong, to look at things differently, but the truth is the most important thing we can seek. Perhaps if more people had looked deeper, questioned authority, questioned themselves, this horrible atrocity would have never happened.


Ty said...

Wow! You know in reading your blog and seeing the photo album, I can't help but think about the religious right in our country today.

I just read in the AJC about Sally Kern, the Republican from Oklahoma who actually said that homosexuality is a bigger threat to national security than terroism. Denise Dison,spokeswoman for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund said a comment like this "dehumanizes gays and lesbians." Systemic dehumanization. Isn't that the first wrung on the ladder of mass genocide?

The thing that really got me is that there are peole in Oklahoma who actually believe Sally is right! I'm shivering just thinking about it.

Tania Rochelle said...

This was a great post.