Thursday, March 06, 2008

Liars and Brains and Dogs, oh my!

On my way to work today, I was listening to this program via my local NPR station and the topic was, "the brain of a liar." I was struck by how similar a liar's brain is to a creative's brain in it's ability to quickly parse and assimilate information. I've never been a good liar...I've tried but failed more often than not which is why I believe (for the most part) that, despite our biological tendencies, the one thing that does separate us from animals is our ability to make thoughtful, rational choices. This may not be as accurate when it comes to things such as mood but it certainly does when we talk about behavior. If not, then there is no difference between human beings and dogs....not that I'd mind being a dog...Lord knows, I love dogs....but what do you think?

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