Monday, September 01, 2008

out of the flow.

Why is it that inspiration is so illusive? I have been in a creative dry spell for several months now and it is sheer frustration. Today, I come off of a week-long beach vacation and have an entire day to myself to work on some paintings...sounds great, right? Not so much....nothing is coming. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zlich.

I, of course, think I am losing it. I no longer have access to that part of myself that is able to freely create and express whatever is in my head or heart. "IT" is gone. But what is it? And I have to believe that "IT" is not gone, but just not accessible to me right now. But why? Theoretically, I am relaxed. My stress is moderate, but not high. Life is generally pretty great. So what gives? I know that when I "try" to be creative, I fail miserably....I am pushing when should be pulling, going north when I need to go south....all of those things. Maybe it is simply a relaxation thing. Maybe I am judging myself too harshly and not allowing the process to be fluid. Maybe anxiety is blocking me. The question, of course, is how to get unstuck, relax and get back into the flow.

Any suggestions?

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minus five said...

i'm in a good place with all of that right now, but i never know how long it will last. which makes me work like a maniac.

i don't know what causes the frozen times. i think maybe it's too many thoughts--or trying to make sense of things that don't and never will. and maybe something to do with not learning anything new or seeing anything new.

if i can't draw or write, i usually resort to some sort of experimentation. that usually results in backgrounds for new paintings that might or might not happen or making books or making postcards or writing letters to people and drawing all over the letter itself and decorating the envelope.

whatever i feel i need is what i try to give to other people instead. because it always comes back to you.