Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Fun...?

Tonight, I am attending a bachelorette party. Honestly, I cannot imagine a more hellish sequence of events than the following:
1. Dinner with 10-12 girls ranging in ages from 23-27 (obviously this excludes Montana and myself) who I don't know.
2. Attendance of a local strip club where I've been warned that the MALE strippers may try to "tea bag" me....every gay woman's dream, I tell you.
3. Dancing at a local club where I am told to dress like I am looking to "get laid" a man. This means cowboy shirts, NIKE flip-flop and cargo pants are out of the question.

A normal Saturday night for me usually consists of a nice bottle of wine, dinner at home or somewhere less than 5 miles away, some quality time with Nancy Grace and bedtime at 10pm. I think I'll start drinking now.


Anne-Davnes said...

SO how was it? Drink any tea?

Mary Campbell said...

Thank GOD no, Anne....lucky for us, the bride-to-be was over-served and we were able to make and quick and respectable getaway at midnight.

aud said...

umm, that teabag thing sounds scary!! do people really do that sort of thing?