Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shameless Promotion of Others.

Today, I bring you 2 new blogs that I think are pretty awesome. Both have food-centric content. I love food...all food...any food. There is not much I would not eat at least once. I love to cook, too. I will try to cook most anything, but I am not that into baking. There is something about the letting go of baking that I cannot get comfortable with. I like to tinker and adjust and add and taste and modify right until the moment that the food hits the plate. Baking requires a sort of cooking-faith I have not yet cultivated. But these ladies have something far more interesting to say about food and cooking than I do, so check them out:

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Things I See From The Pasture said...

The picture makes me hungry, then I eat and it makes me not hungry. That is service.