Monday, January 12, 2009

This Blows.

Kind readers, I urge you to support my friend, Jennifer, in her efforts to ban gas-powered, noise polluting, over-the-top, obnoxious leaf blowers.


ted said...

i stumbled upon this blog. i completely agree! riding a bike is made even worse when you have to ride through a man-made dust storm that inevitably blows back where it came from.

minus five said...

dude. that brought back memories of this guy named chuck who lived across the parking lot from me back in atlanta. his porch was like a living room, with a couch and draw-down sunshade and everything. all he did was sit around and collect disability checks and walk his dog. at least, that's what i imagined for him. every couple of weeks, he would strap on his large, gas-powered, leaf blower and walk around both of our buildings blowing leaves. never blowing them anywhere in particular. and he didn't work for the apartment complex. our apartment complex wasn't even nice. not even kind of.

chuck nearly met his death during my 6th quarter when i had my third airplane model on the porch drying after a most-perfect spray paint job. my two earlier planes got messed up for one reason or another. this third one was my last chance.

i heard his stupid leaf blower, but pretended it wasn't as close as i knew it was. anyway, it didn't matter because it was too late for me and my plane.

i opened the front door and there on the patio was my plane with half-dried paint and a fine coating of brittle leaves.

i closed the door.
told myself over and over again,

"he's retarded.
he's retarded.
he's retarded."

i repeated this for a very long time so that i didn't lose my entire mind on him.

and then i called up my friend, bruce, and we went out for margaritas.

that is a very long way of saying that i will be more than happy to support your friend.