Friday, January 06, 2006

Writing and Photography Book.

I wrote this for my writing and photography class. I made a very cool accordion-fold book with more images (like the hand above) for my final project. This was probably my favorite project this really required me to "dig deeper" within myself and pull out something that was true, personal and meaningful. My art is always very personal. I guess everything I do has a piece of me, a piece of my experience in it.

It is only recently that I have realized that I must let go.
Maybe even today.
I had been thinking that something was holding me down.
I wasn’t really sure if it was outside of me or within me.
Then I remembered that the details didn’t matter.
All of it belongs to me.

I thought that my head hurt for a reason.
I was trying to figure out a way to be acceptable to everyone in my life.
And I never realized none of that really matters.
I will never be a card carrying member of the Junior League.
And my father will always wonder why I can’t just date men.

So, today I thought about letting it all go.
Pain, self-loathing, self-criticism, self-doubt.
Then I got really scared.
What happens when I do that?
Maybe I should hold on to just a little piece.
A tiny little crumb, just in case.

Then it occurred to me how inconvenient that crumb would become.
It would probably get stuck in my shoe and create a nasty blister.
Then I would probably develop a staph infection and, quite possibly, die.
At the very least, I would have to have foot amputated.

So maybe I should just let it all go.

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