Friday, May 26, 2006

The Blogging Gauntlet.

The blogging gauntlet has been thrown down.
Hank has challenged me to do nothing but "visual" blogs for the next week.
I accepted the challenge because I FUCKING LOVE A GOOD COMPETITION!!!!!
So...these may be the last words, I peep.
Not only this, but I am going white water rafting on Sunday...please say a special prayer for me.
Not only do I NOT like to be able to control water faring entities when I am aboard them, but I also have a fairly ridiculous fear of drowning that, supposedly, dates back to a past-life experience...another blog for another day.
So, we'll see what happens.
I loved you all.


aud said...

I can't wait! we're going to have so much fun!!

Today as I was running, I passed a girl and I found myself being extremely careful not to bite it.

Looking forward to your pic blogs!!

minus five said...

you'll have fun with the whitewater rafting. i've only been once, but it was a really good time and not scary at all. you'll probably laugh at yourself for being scared.

it should be interesting to see your visual blog, but i don't think a week is a fair amount of time since you're not a daily poster. i think it should be three weeks, unless you post something every single day; then a week would be fair.

Anne-Davnes said...

i agree.

3 weeks.

we should all try it!