Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Here are some pics and a blurb (see below) of my big project this quarter....LOCUS.

In a post 9/11 world, we crave community, connection and intimacy with our friends and families. We are more fully aware of the transient nature of life and value our time and the quality of our experiences more than ever.
Locus strives to create an environment where people can spend time alone or enjoy time with friends and, additionally, take advantage of local and regional art, poetry readings and other cultural events.
Locus provides this third environment for individuals who want, not only a sense of community and a place to socialize, but also an opportunity to participate in the arts while still in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


minus five said...

that looks really good, mary. congratulations on having at least one thing you won't have to redo 8th quarter.

p.s. thanks for using all of my paintings on the walls.

Anonymous said...

I like your print work in above foto, and your use of colors tie in with your concept of a relaxed environment.

And the openess of the structure in foto 2 ... symbolizes openess to one another in the community.

Also circular in shape ... (circle) perpetual, continous connection and intimacy amongst each other.

Kudos Mary.

Tania Rochelle said...

Appears we have a new Time Traveler of sorts.

Biggy said...

Mary, it's Friday night and I'm bored so your project is the lucky recipient of my boredom. Here we go:

1.)How specifically does your design embrace the notion of group or private space? What is the program of the areas inclosed by walls? If the intent is a private space, why do they not have access to natural light or view corridors which would allow the individual to reflect upon the outside world?
2.)In your concept, you state the environment is intended to allow for a state of relaxation and comfort. What three-dimensional design elements assist with this goal?
3.)What led to your choice of a circular form? As a performance space I think it's a good choice because it allows you to center/focus the event in the middle. However, the model appears to show a bar as the focal point. I find that somewhat in conflict with your stated objectives.
4.)Was this project site specific or done within any given type of context?

Anonymous said...

Biggy misses the good old days of architecture school, Mary.