Monday, February 05, 2007


Greetings readers.
I am working on a project about the typeface, Bodoni.
If anyone out there is interested in participating in my project and would like to answer a few quick questions about this typeface, I would WELCOME any feedback!
Here are my questions...

1. If Bodoni were the last and only typeface available to you on the earth and you were charged with setting a block of text, a headline or just a word with Bodoni using one or all of the various weights available to you, what text would you choose and how would you set it? (for example, would you set the Lord's Prayer in Bodoni Italic or would it be "gangsta rap" lyrics in Bodoni Bold Condensed?)

2. Considering the overall geometric structure of the Bodoni typeface and the beautiful contrast between the thick and thin strokes featured in this typeface, if Bodoni were the only typeface that you could design with, what would you change about it?

3. If Bodoni were a famous person, male or female, who would Bodoni be?


1 comment:

Tania Rochelle said...

Bodoni would be Roseanne Barr.