Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dreams of Tigers.

It seems as though, every once in a while, I have a series of, shall we say, thematic dreams. Lately, I have had dreams of white tigers. In my dream, I am tentative around him but not so much afraid. He is almost like my cat, Oliver but he doesn't realize he is not a domesticated tabby cat but a full sized tiger and he is VERY close to me. The strange part is that I can talk to the Tiger and I'm not even sure I am talking per-se, but we are communicating. In my dream, I am a little nervous around the tiger but not afraid, just wanting to be careful with him because everyone around us is not comfortable with him...go figure, a full sized tiger inciting fear. This is my second tiger dream in the past month...so I started getting curious about what tigers represent. See below...pretty interesting.


DreamsCoaching.com said...

Dear Dreamer,
We can consult 100 different dream dictionaries to see what dream dictionaries say that white tigers mean in dreams (and sometimes we have to) -- and what the dream dictionary says is not so important as what white tigers mean to you.
Now if you tell me what white tigers mean to you ... now that means something!
I could tell you that to me ... a white tiger is a symbol of something sacred like a white buffalo --- but nothing else matters except what does a white tiger mean to you?
In real life, if you saw a white tiger strolling down the street would you try to avoid it?
Sure we all would.
So we could say that perhaps your dream means that there is a situation in your life that is forthcoming that should be avoided. Think about it.
I know it seems nice to be communicating with a white tiger in your dreams, but if you should meet one on the street in reality, then be very cautious. The white tigers could represent something that you should be careful about.
Use your dreams wisely.
love and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. If you meet a white tiger on the street, be careful.


Anonymous said...

For some reason I googled "dream talking with tiger", because of the dream I had last night. Usually I don't feel like there's any meaning to my dreams, but this one felt like there was something behind. In a dream about random things, I suddenly found myself close to a tiger. Instead of being afraid, I approached it. It sort of hinted me to do so. Then I touched it, and the tiger touched me with it's head. I was terrified, yet at the same time, I felt really calm. It was like the tiger tried to calm me down, knowing that I was afraid of it. Then it started to talk/communicate with me. I don't remember if it actually talked, or if I understood what the sounds it was making meant. The thing about it that made such an impression on me, was how extremely calm the tiger was, and the way I felt afraid at the same time as I felt really calm. Anyways, I just felt like writing a comment, since your dream seemed so much like mine.

Anonymous said...

Last night I had a dream of a white tiger. I think that white tigers are amazing and beautiful creatures. My siamese/tabby cat recently passed away at 16 years (just this past October). He was my baby boy, and we were very close. He had blue eyes.
In my dream, I was at mother's home (she is ill). Outside on the back deck, a beautiful large white tiger was laying, peaceful, and my baby boy (Thunder) was sitting upon his back with his eyes closed in the typical boat-cat stance, and his head was bobbing up and down as he would catch himself falling into a deep sleep. I looked at the white tiger, and did not feel fear. My husband (who also loved Thunder very much) was very frightened of the white tiger and ran up to both cats and threw thunder off the back of the tiger, and the tiger did not move. Thunder started to run away and I ran after him, and he came to me and I cradled him in my arms. As I write this it is almost self-explanatory, but I'd love to hear someone else's interpretation.
Yes, I miss him very much, but the white tiger is an interesting addition to my subconscious.
Thanks for any input offered.

Alison HK said...

I have dreamt of white tigers on and off for many years. It is always terrifying but absolutely awesone. The tigers are usually walking around my home. I had a dream 5 yrs back when my cat Tom died. There was a Momma white tiger and she passed me on a stair way with her baby and i passed with tom in my arms. There was an overwhelming feeling of mutual respect. Sometimes I dream of other big cats, but usually white tigers.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if anyone would assist in a dream interpretation. Lately I have been remembering my dreams which is unusual for me. I had a dream that I was a captive in a group of captives and we were all being forced to fight something. I did knot know any other of the captives. We are brought to this location in a small town and are told to go find a weapon. I leave the party and I find a large branch. As soon as I pick it up a white tiger cub attacks me from behind. We fight and I almost kill it when the mother white tiger comes and we start to fight. She almost eats my hand while im punching her and scratches me all over my body but does not kill me. Then all of the sudden we stop fighting. I look down at my wounds and ask her how I fought. She responds that I did well. Then I woke up. I am a 23 year old male. Any Suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I agree that some dreams do represent an emotion of our subconsious minds, and there are others that are just....unexplainable. However, the white tiger is just too bold not to have symbolism. Native Indians have animals as their spirit guides. If we look at the true nature of the animal, we see strength, danger, territorial, security. The WHITE is representing your insecurity.
While on the other hand, exotic, beautiful and....uncommon to us. Take these descriptions and think. Maybe your subconcious is trying to tell you something.....You are probably a very outgoing individual and have a willingness to defend the underdog! Most people that know you like you and want you around. You are extremely territorial and give 100% to accomplish certain goals....and....expect respect for it. Not so much as recognition, but respect. You probably get a little hot headed when you do not have the repect that you deserve.

More than likely, something has happend in your life that you feel others are not repecting you for. We need to follow the white tiger and gain your self respect back. He/she is trying to guide you there.

I had a dream that I was sitting in a meeting with 3 groups of people representing 3 different territories. I was responsible for the German Accounts, yet I was informed by a woman that I was losing my job. I had to continue to take notes on all of the salesmens names and what they do, knowing that my job was ending. I looked out the window and there was a white tiger and a rino fighting along side a a mountain and fell into a large body of water. I was yelling for the class to look, and no one was listening to me. Suddenly, the white tiger entered the classroom and started chewing on a small fawn. I was the only person to approach the white tiger. I removed the fawn from the tigers mouth and the tiger continued forward to raid the mini refrigerator. My feelings were scared at first. shocked and then, calm.

This could be an explanation, or it may not. This is simply my own thoughts in trying to understand. On the other hand, we all could have been extremely hungry. One never really knows.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

I really immensly enjoy this site, I'll be back soon!
What do you think about my theories regarding hypnosis!

Miz English said...

This is hard to believe but I had a similar dream last night and woke up this morning thinking about it. The tiger was in a doorway and came towards me. Naturally I was a bit afraid but didn't move and it rubbed its head on me. We were communicating but it wasn't with speech, like your dream. But something strange happened. I went to a restaurant with the tiger. Odd, I know. I asked for a table for two but one that wouldn't be conspicuous, but then everyone looked outside and saw me and the white tiger (who was now standing on its hind legs) and they became very fearful. We didn't have dinner and left but somehow, I began to carry this once big tiger, who had now shrunk to a little bigger than a domestic cat. Then my sleep pattern changed and so did my dream. Strange huh?!

Vanessa said...

I just had a dream of a white tiger. I was in a living room and there was a family sleeping on the pull out couch. I then saw there were many animals sleeping with them. But the one that stood out was this white tiger. I suddenly became so afraid. even though he seemed friendly, I thought in my head to be extremely cautious for friendly wild animals can turn on humans in a second if not careful. I decided to sleep in a bedroom, locked myself in there so the lion wouldn't come in. This friend came in and I told him careful cuz the lion also wanted to come in. He finally did and although I was still very cautious I wasn't afraid and embraced him. That's it. I think depending on your dream of a white lion it can have various meanings. If you have a dream of the lion being domestic around the house and not harming you, maybe it is saying there is a fear you have but you should not be so afraid because it wont harm you. However be cautious and also very courageous and face your fear. Know that even if you are afraid at first, you will survive.

Sternotherus Minor Minor said...

I had a dream last night that I was walking with my boyfriend in some woods with our 2 dogs (we only have 1 but they were identical!) And 3 huge white tigers walked around the bend, I Managed to grab 1 dog, but my dog we didn't get in time. The first lion (leader) got my dog in his mouth but didn't hurt him. Instead he apologised saying he was sorry but had to return a 'trophy' I Managed to somehow get my dog and took off into the woods clutching both dogs up an adventure playground -up ropes, jumping onto platforms until I lost the tigers! I then found my boyfriend and handed him a dog to carry. We carried on walking and came across an indoor section where I saw my 4 cats waiting for me. And then I woke up. What does this mean?

Marlon Naidoo said...

Hi. I dreamt a tiger was trying to escape capture. It attacked a woman and ran toward me. It jump on me looking me in the eyes with his two paws on my shoulders and told mr...yes told me " listen to my voice. remember who I am. Remember "
And it was captured. Wt does that mean?