Sunday, June 24, 2007

Big Gay Fun.

Well, it's that time in Atlanta when 1000's of homosexuals descend upon midtown and celebrate their support of same-sex lovin'. It's gay pride weekend and check out that fine design work that is the identity of this celebratory weekend. I'm not sure how gumby represents homsexuality, tolerance or any other conceptual idea that defines what gay pride is all about, but no one really asked me. My lady and I are not really doing much to celebrate other than venturing out today to do some primo people watching while we sip on mimosas. That's about all I can deal with. I used to get excited about gay pride when I was younger, in college and fresh out of the I suppose I am just a jaded woman, more interested in shopping for bikes and hanging out with the dogs.

In other news...I had my photoshoot for my portfolio on went really well and I am glad to have that behind me. One of my projects started out as a conceptual assignment for coke to come up with a new beverage for their global market. It turned into more of a retail branding project for me and I developed a line of products to go along with the *flagship* product we came up with for the class. I learned that I have a deep love for pattern making, learned how to actually use the sewing machine my mom bought me for christmas a few years ago and, viola, we have some sweet dog beds and collars with my signature patterns. Here's a pic.



UIW alumni said...
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aud said...

mary those rock! just let me know when they come in lab sizes :) gumby is so gay.

biggy said...

As much as I like your designs, please do not provide Tania with any accessories for her puppy should she ask. Please.

ktothefe said...

I hate hate hate gay pride parades! Though I do concur that the people watching during a pride-fest is the best it can ever get!

Great work on the dog-designs!

Elephteria said...

Interesting to know.