Sunday, June 17, 2007


So, my lady and I went up to Lake Wedowee with a group of her dear friends this weekend. It was beautiful and we had a great time, but unfortunately, found out that some people in the great state of Alabama DO NOT believe in spaying or neutering their pets. That does not come as a major shock to me as I did live in Alabama for three years and I can testify that it is not the brightest of all the 50 states. No offense to any of my native "Alabamian" friends out there (I know several of you visit my blog from time to time and I love you all dearly)...but here is the thing, these dogs pictured were COVERED in ticks. I mean, infested. The poor mother was so severely malnourished that her ribs were jutting out from her sides and she was literally fighting for any scraps of food we gave her and her two flea and tick infested, malnourished puppies. Montana and I could not take these dogs home but our friends are going to return to the area to pick them up, bring them back to ATL and have them spayed or neutered. They are doing this at their own cost and if any of you out there know anyone who would like to adopt one of these sweet babies, please let me know...or if you can help out in any way (suggest a pro-bono vet, or whatever)...I would deeply appreciate it. I would absolutely adopt any and all of these babies if I could, but with 3 dogs and 4 cats combined, Montana and I cannot afford to have any others. These were the kindest of animals and you cannot imagine how angry it makes me to see such innocent lives disregarded and abused this way. PLEASE, if you do nothing else, SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! There is no reason that unwanted animals should be roaming around collecting ticks and dying from malnourishment.


minus five said...

i don't need a dog, but you should tell them to take the dogs to the humane society on howell mill for the surgery. they are, by far, the cheapest deal you will find and the vets there are really nice. i don't know how much it costs because it came with my adoption fee.

Anonymous said...

Briarcliff Animal Foundation, a division of Briarcliff Animal Clinic may also be able to help. They are very good people.
I have also observed the same about Alabamians.