Thursday, June 07, 2007

I *heart* Georgia.

Folks, I am busy. You are going to have to give me a pass until I finish the massive amount of work that I have to complete. All things considered, I have recovered from my weeping buddha breakdown of 2 days ago. I know that when I feel overwhelmed and unproductive, the inverse of that is around the the saying goes, "it is always darkest before dawn." I just want my work to be the best it can be and I also have to learn to let it go.

In other news, the following things have happened in the past week:
1. Audrey, my neighbor, got her car stolen.
2. I had a dream that Purina launched a dog water called Fetch5 (and I almost woke up and googled it).
3. My eye is twitching NON-STOP. My GF says it is nothing while a google search revealed it could be a neurological disorder or tourettes. Super.
4. I was asked to commit a felony two days ago by marrying a foreigner so that he could gain citizenship. As if.
5. I have discovered a secret love for pattern making.

***the above image was an advertisement on CNN's website for a mortgage company....I had no idea that Uncle Fester could be such a powerful marketing tool. ***

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minus five said...

dude, that sucks for audrey. and don't worry about your eye, that always happens to me when i haven't gotten enough sleep and/or i'm highly stressed. i imagine you're suffering from both.