Friday, March 17, 2006

To Hank, Anne, Tania, Audrey, Larry, Colleen, Roger, Dave, Tanya, George, Will and Mike

Aaaaaah, the end at last...of the quarter, that is. I worked my ass off until the last minute and did some work I am really pleased with. Now I get to rest, absorb and prepare for the beginning of quarter 4 at Portfolio Center. I have to say that this last quarter pushed me pretty hard and I think I rose to meet every challenge. My work was not perfect (not that it ever is or could be) but it was the best I could do...and that is all I can ever ask myself: "Did I do my best?" If the answer is "yes" then I have succeeded.

I dearly love the people that I work with...they are such amazing souls who challenge me, inspire me, make me laugh, make me think, and remind me to be kind to myself along the way. I hate to sound like such a queer cheeseball, but it's true and I think we so often fail to say "thank you" to the people who really make a difference in our lives. So, blame it on sleep deprivation, too much caffeine, way too much time looking into this silver box (my computer, that is....) or sheer sentimentality, I just want to say thanks.

And here is a final version of my poster that I did for Hank's class...ultimately, it did not get the rave reviews I would've hoped for in critique, but I am very satisfied with the way it turned out...I guess I ended up doing it for me in the end.

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Tania Rochelle said...

Don't we all learn so much from each other! I'm grateful every day for that. So what if it's cheesy.