Thursday, March 30, 2006

Regarding Tania's Blog

The following is a Conversation between Mary and Anne.

M: does Tania pay people to leave messages on her blog?
i am SO envious of how many commentors she has

A: I feel so unpopular after I see how many people leave messages on her blog.
I mean COME ON.

M: HELLO! We have pretty cool blogs, too!

A: That's why I put a counter on my site.

M: me too!

A: So I know people are there - even when they don't say so.

M: exactly...but it is ridiculous how many people leave her messages.
maybe that is a writer thing.


M: maybe I should ask people to leave me thumbnails.

A: or she's just more fucking popular than we
A: beeotch

M: or, I'd like to believe she's paying them
there has to be some kind of incentive.

A: she probably IS paying them

M: and she scolded me for not posting to her blog after just 1 week.
M: 1 week!

A: oh Tania
she has really lost it

M: I think I'll blog about her on my blog and see what happens.

A: i hate her - don't you?
A: she is such a bitch.

M: yeah - me, too.

A: we should post this conversation...

M: see how she likes it.

A: i think i will!

M: that'll teach her a lesson

A: yeah

M: those writers

A: "writers"

M: fucking writers.

A: lol

M: god, and writing is soooo easy.
everyone can do that.

A: as if they do any REAL work

M: yeah....they just sit around, smoke pot and write silly poetry.

A: BAD whiney poetry!

A: Oh dark garden of my heart, like tears in the rain, I long for you..

M: lol

A:...and under partly cloudy skies, i will sit here alone, by myself and cry of the aching world.

M: I would like to see Tania paint.


M: actually, that would be rather interesting.

A: let's tie her up and see what happens - or put her in Hank's class

M: Yeh, I'd like to see the bitch write with her hands tied.

A: upside down

M: you should definately post this to her blog.

A: i'll do it!

M:that would be so funny.


Anne-Davnes said...

Oh you BEAT me to it! You bitch!

Tania Rochelle said...

If it's any consolation, Anne, I read yours first. Alphabetical order...

Tania Rochelle said...

And I hadn't thought of paying people.

I wonder...

minus five said...

she paid me.
i pass out flyers.

Anne-Davnes said...

I think I'd like to try posting bloggers photos next to their blog links - that might improve traffic for everyone. And it's CLEAR to me now that there's a job description to be filled for a bogger's therapist. Or a support group of some kind. I had no idea we were all suffering so .

OR - maybe if we just said nasty things about each other - ya know - the cat fight kind of thing - we'd generate way more traffic.


Clearly, talking smack about our fellow friendly bloggers has generated some much needed diablog. I am starting to feel loved over here...

I do like the idea of a support group for blog-comment-neglect-syndrome. BCNS anonymous.

minus five said...

if you start the support group then i get to be the facilitator because people comment less on my blog than either of you two.

and tania's not invited.

maryk said...

Noone can say i didn't comment.
I just wanted to go on the record, cuz this thing is getting heated.

Anne-Davnes said...


{{cat fight noise}}

Bjorn said...

So Mary - is it Caldwell or Campbell? I am sooo confused.


Campbell is the last name....Caldwell is my middle name...sorry for the confusion.
woof woof woof.

aud said...

did you know at 5am mary resembles the stray cat that hangs out across from PC? meow! just wanted to add some love to your neverending comment list....


HEY NOW, Audrey...that was studio week...Hank's class and NO sleep all rolled up into one. If you post that picture I will kill you...

Trisha said...

Comment. Is that all you wanted?

JN said...

I enjoyed the wicked conversation.

The Real Tania Rochelle said...

No doubt, the mere mention of my blog increased both of your traffic.

And how are those sour grapes, ladies?