Sunday, April 02, 2006

Home Sweet Home.

The other night I was walking my dogs and I looked up and saw the Atlanta skyline and thought, FINALLY, I feel like I am home. When I was in college, I would drive through Atlanta on my way to North Carolina and each time I would drive through this city, I would feel this incredible sense of homesickness. I am from Louisiana...born and raised...but Atlanta always felt like home to me once I became acquainted with her. I can't explain it...and I don't really care to at this point in my life. I was just struck by how sometimes, unexplainably, people places or things can feel so much a part of us before we even consciously know it. We go through life just passing time...mostly unconscious of the reasons we choose or do not choose things....we try to seek out happiness, avoid pain, doing whatever it takes to accomplish this...but I believe there is purpose guiding us if we start to tune into our selves. I believe that everything has purpose in driving us to create our most truest self. Bad choices are good lessons, good choices are affirmations...everything circles back around to re-acquainting us with who we are meant to be. I have been so inclined to derail myself, to deny myself, to contort myself, to take myself down paths that are not really mine...I'm just glad that I finally woken up to the reality and truth of who I really am. Without apology. These are a few pieces of art I've done that are about this journey to self-actualization and self-acceptance.


Anne-Davnes said...

I love the numbers painting. A lot. AND it's so nice to hear someone say something nice about Atlanta. I love it, too. Stayed away after growing up. But I like being a part of it. And really love watching the rebirth of midtown and downtown.

Accepting yourself is a lot more peaceful than the alternative, isn't it?

And speaking of painting.... I presented my station of the cross tonight and got, well - a lot of blank stares and polite applause. Hmmm. Ah well.


I have to say, I love that piece too...I have a few pieces of my work that are of significance to me personally that I will not sell...that is one of thing that does not get translated well through the web is the texture of the piece nor the words and writing that are the piece.

You should post your station of the cross piece on your blog...I'd love to see it and I imagine you might get more than just blank stares and polite applause...esp. considering the recent banter regarding blogger comments.

Anne-Davnes said...

Thanks Mary - it's up there. The one with all the pretty black letters.


Duh. I do love that...great emotive typography! Sorry it did not get the kudos it deserves...but I think it is very powerful...I'm sure it kicked all of the other "stations-of-the-crosses" asses.

minus five said...

i love it when people get down and dirty with their work. and anne... church people rarely get it. one time i was asked to do a poster to get people to sign up for vacation bible school. i made jesus look like the famous "i want you" uncle sam poster (without the hat) and i put a red visitor tag on him that said, "hello my name is jesus". they didn't know what to do, but they hung it up anyway... probably because there wasn't enough time for them to just write, "please sign up for vacation bible school" on a poster in pretty letters.