Sunday, April 09, 2006

Coop Doggy Dog.

Although many of you know about Fox and Red, my two adorable dogs that I am madly in love, it is essential that my loyal blogging fans learn about Cooper. Cooper was my very first dog...not a family dog, but the dog that I adopted from the pound when I was a sophomore in college. Cooper and I met at the East Baton Rouge Parish Pound on a cold, grey winter day...he had the sweetest, most loving face and I instantly knew I was intended to have him. His tea-colored eyes had me in an instant. I had Cooper from that moment until he died in 2004...for those of you who do not fancy yourselves "animal people," you are truly missing out on one of the most beautiful things in the world. Cooper was my constant companion. Cooper saw me through my first significant relationships...he stood by me and loved me, put his sweet head on my lap when I needed him. He had an uncanny understanding and sensitivity to human emotion. His sense of when people needed love was so touching and unexpected from this clumsy, beautiful creature. I realized the other day that my move to Atlanta, this current chapter of my life is the first chapter that has begun without him. I don't think you ever stop missing those creatures that are truly an example of what love is about...those creatures that teach you how to love, how to sit still, how to simply be in the presence of another. Cooper did that for me. Cooper taught me that loving is simply BEING in the grace of oneself. Cooper taught me that loving another is simply BEING in the grace of who they are as well. That love is simple...that love is essential.


minus five said...

he looks a lot like my dog mildred who lives with my mom now. on a farm in florida. our dogs share a lot of the same characteristics. mildred also sings. you can find pictures of her in my december or january archive if you're bored enough.

Anne-Davnes said...

God bless Cooper! If he were my dog, I'd miss him, too.

And I never really trust people who just don't like animals.