Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mary and the Wonderettes.

So I decided to quit Portfolio Penter and start a band.
Mary and the Wonderettes.
We are only going to sing songs about design and typography in the blue-grass style....and maybe a few Rod Stewart Covers.
Anywho, I got this e-mail today that I am very excited about...I think it really affirms the potential we have as a band and I thought I'd share it with my loyal readers. I'll have pictures to add stay tuned...Who knew fame was going to come so fast.

...(here's the letter)
To whom it may concern:
Yeehahh miss Dora!!!! I was calling to tell you our recruits happened to catch one of your acts and would like you to come in for an audition at our studios.
We appreciate your excitement for the audience and your voice is one of a kind. We especially can see you singing and dancing for one of our upcoming television series or even doing some broadway. We have several openings and we think you could fill everyone of them.

we would love you to ride on over to our wonder studios.... you know what, bring your crew and maybe we could film your video for the country western crowd or possibly even a VH1 saturday evening special.

we see rainbows of opportunity with you dora and we can't wait to hear your voice.

Please wear your ass-less chaps to the audition. Very important for the theatre and the male dominated industry.

enjoy your weekend and I hope you continue to keep that raspy smokers rod stewart voice you got there.

agent starr (with two r's).


minus five said...

if you stayed up too late, too many nights in a row, while also consuming alcohol and gateway drugs, you should note this somewhere in your entry.

it seems that you and audrey may have sniffed too many of the fumes off hank's mountain of xerox copies.

please explain further.


Are you familiar with the "magnum 44" pen? Let me tell you, gateway drugs are not necessary when you can sniff those puppies.

minus five said...

i am familiar with the magnum 44.
it's some good stuff.

was that responsible for this entry?

aud said...

obviously we need to wear some assless chaps to find any recognition. where did you get your last pair?