Thursday, March 08, 2007


So....I am working on a self-promotional piece based off a woven narrative project. Here's where it is right now...I LOVE calligraphy. I don't have much else other than that at this particular's studio week, I am stressed and trying to maintain my sanity while feverishly finishing (and, in some cases, starting and re-doing projects like, um, my website...). Have I mentioned that I hate Flash as much as I love calligraphy? Well, I's a great program but my mind is way too impatient to figure it out. That is why the world made 30-year-old males who LOVE flash and video games but lack many of the social and creative skills to have a girlfriend and, instead, are in love with their computers and nintendo. I know I have, most likely, offended many of my peers and friends and that is okay because I will blame my choice of words and opinions on sleep deprivation and stress.

Thank you and goodnight.


minus five said...

i'm liking the layers and you're getting better at your color range. good luck finishing up.

Anne-Davnes said...

Mary - this is wonderful. The design and painting skills are really becoming seamless. Yay!