Monday, March 19, 2007

v a c a t i o n's a chilly day in Florida and my GF and I are trying to brave the elements. After an exhausting quarter and a lot of hard work, we decided to take a week off, get out of town and do NOTHING. How excited am I? have no idea. I had a shitty critique...that is life...saw am amazing Lucinda Williams concert and got the hell out of dodge. The COOLEST part is that we can watch the dogs on the WAG A LOT webcam. We usually find Red sitting on the bench (when it is there), Fox running around trying to hump a pug and Pheifer sitting in the corner looking sad. Hopefully, it will warm up in the next few days so we can return to Atlanta looking like the bronzed goddesses that we know we can be versus looking more pasty and white than when we left. GF just suggested that we drink copious amounts of alcohol to warm us and then pass out on the beach so we can catch some rays. Hmmm....and she is a nurse, ladies and gentleman. I'll be parking my ass on the couch with my warm laptop for at least a few more hours.


Tania Rochelle said...
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Tania Rochelle said...


Have fun. It looks like the kids are.

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