Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vacation update.

This has turned into a MOST beautiful week here in warmed up on Tuesday and has been sunny and gorgeous ever since. I have cooked every night, we have watched trash T.V, and had great conversations about everything from the war in Iraq to the future of cars, to how dumb IS Tara Reid? Aaaah, vacation. Alas, ill fated luck had to befall at least one of us temporarily on this trip....naturally I was the victim of aforementioned bad luck. Here's a trivia question for you: what happens when you combine the cumulative effects of stress, dehydration, too much sun and me? That would be, sun poisoning. Last night, on our adventure to Seaside, I started to feel vomit-city ill...there is nothing in the world that I, Mary Campbell, hate more than vomiting. Maybe George Bush, but I'm not sure. Cutting short our adventure into town, we returned to the condo where I lay ill for the rest of the night only to wake up at 1am soaked with sweat. As it turns out, my body decided to launch an all out assault on my sun ravished body and I was feverish until my fever broke at 1am. Today I am a little tired, but feeling better and we are going to set out for the outlet malls of Destin to see what kind of sweet deals we can get on Nike shoes, Gap t-shirts and godonlyknows what else.

In other news, the dogs are still doing well...turns out I have a slight addiction to the wag-a-lot webcam. They also take daily pics of your dogs and post them to the website. Red was the "featured" pup on Tuesday....he's such a ham.
Here is Red looking TOO cute:

Here is Fox sniffing another dog's butt:

Here is Pheiffer looking sad and ready to come home:

and here I am fast asleep in the sun, poisoning myself.


Tania Rochelle said...

And next--PCB for Club LaVela!

Anne-Davnes said...

Oh Mary! That must have felt awful. I love your suit, tho.