Monday, June 05, 2006


So I am breaking the "rules" by not visually blogging...but it is studio week at Portfolio Center...that means life is freaking nuts. Hank calls it "miracle week" and many times it is...especially if you are in his class... Just for fun, we had an extra assignment to complete...the "Champagne Chair"...basically we had to take two champagne bottles and using the cork, wire cage and foil wrapping, make a small chair. These are mine...they were actually pretty fun...and the first one is conceptually very similar to the chair I am doing for Hank's class...more of that to come later...but I'll post a pic of my model soon. So as we enter the dark hours of studio week...full of anticipation of critique, full of the stress of project completion...say a little prayer for us...and send cases of Red Bull (sugar free, of course) at your soonest convenience.

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Anne-Davnes said...

I saw all of these in Fern's office yesterday. Very cool assignment and the results are quite powerful.