Friday, June 09, 2006

A Natural Multi-Tasker.

So this is me as a little baby tater tot. Not too different than me fact, that is the very expression I am sporting these days...looking just a little stressed, biting my finger and twirling my hair. Luckily, I have progressed past the high chair...but I think I still have the blue velour robe.

Studio week is almost over and do I have one thing completed and in my possession?
That would be a big, fat "no." I'm not really worried about it right now...I made a commitment to myself that I was not going to do what I did to myself last myself mad at the very end trying to make everything perfect. I am definitely going to do the best that I can do...and that may not be 100% of what my potential's been a very hard quarter...not so much for the workload, but the emotional nature of all of the content. We work so hard at PC...I know I really push myself...further and harder than I would have done on my's like running in a get to "rest" but it is never restful...there is always something to think about...something to work on...something to read...something to just catch up on.

But it's all over on least for a short while.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


minus five said...

you're not supposed to have anything done until the hour before you critique. don't you know that by now?

and i always found critiques to be so freakin' hilarious that i could never stop laughing when they told me how bad my stuff was. ask tania. she'll tell you. i laughed. every single time. because i always knew that i did my best and i wouldn't have presented anything i thought was shit.

aud said...

well sarah's comment makes me feel so much better..think this time next week we will be laughing at what the panel thought about our stuff and heading toward 2 weeks of fun in the sun!!

ok back to reality, its studio week!! and we have yet to complete anything for Hank...

nice pic mary, that is so you.


I think I am just going to drink excessively the day of critique and wear my most raggedy clothes to critique and see what happens...and say "often we look but we just don't see" to EVERY comment that is made about my work.

aud said...

JUST DO IT! your right before me right?