Saturday, June 10, 2006


Greetings blogging pals.
I need some help.
I am working on a project for bottles.
Here are the questions:
1. What does it mean to have a "crush?"
2. What does it mean to fall in love?
3. What does it mean to be in love?
Three difference scenarios...sometimes a progression...sometimes these things happen in isolation.
Think big.
Any adjectives, thought, quotes, ideas will help...what does it look like, feel like...colors, tastes, smells...think sensory reactions.
I'll keep you all posted.
Thanks, in advance, for you help.


aud said...

ok here goes.. straight from the big gut with the big ideas...

1. To have a crush means you are mesmerized and admire from afar. You see things in this person you are attracted to and wish to attain. A crush is somewhat a challenge, its fun and exciting and sometimes a blow to reality. A crush is the butterflies in your stomach and the stupid grin on your face that won't go away. Everything is crystal clear as you take in every detail of that moment. Most crushes are hidden and never revealed in fear of never reaching their limitations because you see them in such great light . A crush inspires one to constantly improve oneself in search for accomplishing the goal. A crush brings you back to the playground with child like qualities.

2. To fall in love means to lose all control. Falling in love is the best feeling in the world, yet the most dangerous. Falling is a good term, for you are taken to another depth of reality. You and this person are so deeply involved, everything in life becomes momentary bliss. Falling in love causes you to go to great lengths to be with this person, mostly irresponsible and ridiculous lengths. You forget to sleep, eat and forget all responsibilities in result of wanting all your time to go to this person. This lapse in time is where everyone wishes to go back to. Falling in love is the most desired feeling one can have, so I believe. To connect with another human being with such great passion and chemistry brings your life to complete happiness.

3. To be in love means a continuation of falling in love.. your love has endured the first couple stages in a relationship. You have conquered both good times and bad. You would do anything for this person yet you can now find your individual identity. You know when you are in love when you find it hard to live without this person. Love is when you could spend all day with this person and miss them the second they leave. You can taste, smell and feel this person when they are gone. You know the ins and outs of this person.. (that is not intended to be gross.) Love is real, scary and honest. You cannot hide or pretend to be in love. When you are in love, you don't even have to speak, the other person knows you so well, they begin to know you better than yourself.

I hope that helped. this was a good break to the systems book. Sounds like you have a good concept to your bottles. Looking forward to see where this takes you.

minus five said...

i sent you a pdf via email with my thoughts. let me know if you need more help than that.

Anne-Davnes said...

Give me butterflies. Crushes make me nervous. Give me the runs when they're really intense. Make me nauseous. They are too exciting to be enjoyed. Make me insecure. I am still alone.

Falling in love:
Still a bit insecure, but at this point you're falling alongside someone. Still may be alone or at your own pace. But at least I'm falling - I'm not stagnant. I am going somewhere.

Being in love:
Not alone anymore. This is work. This is love where you're both working toward a goal and have made a commitment. I like to call this stage STAYING in love. It's a fire that must be stoked. It's the only love worth fighting for.

Can't wait to see your bottles!!!

Roger said...

All I remember from Sex class in college is the idea of limerance -

Its the period of time where you will do ridiculous things for another person and is said to happen before love.. basically, infatuation.

Also on Everybody Loves Raymond they were comparing Ray's love and marriage to a pot that was simmering, and how you can't turn the heat up too high too fast or it'll boil over.

Also, love can be about compromise but maybe not- does it really need to be tested to be true, maybe and love could also be about changing yourself or changing another person - whatever makes the puzzle pieces fit. I think people do change, or accomodate and your ideals become one.

And does love need to be a two way street? I think so, but people talk of loving a city or food. Does it matter if the other person isn't conscious that their beauty and vibrance makes your day go by more pleasurably? Then maybe people only have crushes on cities and food.

Also, blue-green & peach fuzz.


Thank you everyone for your great comments!!!!!