Tuesday, June 13, 2006


So these are the staples of critique week at Fortpolio Center. This week I've actually had Willy's twice...what a treat. Somehow, food and sleep seem to become less important than obsessing over details of our projects during this time...this may explain some of the erratic behavior. Tonight has been a fun night of cutting out fucking banners for my Olympic Branding project and touching up paint on my airplane...I'd really rather slit my throat than touch up paint on model cars...I am not a detail painter...I prefer the broad strokes. Alas, it is required that I do things I do not like to do...life just isn't fair. Perhaps I should go ahead and publicly endorse using spray adhesives and spray paints indoors with the windows shut if you are looking for a cheap high. I am quite certain that I have killed several brain cells in the past 5 hours...please no comments from Tawnya or Sarah...I know what you are thinking...but let me remind you it is not wise to fuck with sleep deprived individuals with a cache of exacto knives on her person at most times these days.


minus five said...

ahh, the good ole' days of olympic branding. i had to do three model airplanes before i got one right. i had my brother-in-law build the first one at thanksgiving and it even survived it's plane ride back to atlanta in one piece. then i took it outside to spray paint it. well, my apartment complex had this idiot named chuck who didn't work or do anything, but occasionally, he liked to strap on his leaf blower and walk around a couple of the buildings blowing leaves. so he did. all over my wet paint plane. it was neat. and i almost killed him. after that, spray paint indoors.

a. orange clean gets spray paint off linoleum.

b. krylon fusion spray paint is the best stuff in the world for plastic models. one coat. done. no touch-ups. be sure to get the fusion line. and i realize this might not matter now, but it could come in handy 8th quarter when you have to start all over.

c. it's x-acto, not exacto. and i have them as well. along with a couple of box cutters. and i'm always crazy, sleep or no sleep.

d. regarding the misspelling of tania's name... don't say i didn't warn you, mary.

Tania Rochelle said...

I think you covered everything, Sarah.


You are right about fusion paint...it seriously rocks.

...And, right hand to Yaweh, when I got into my car this afternoon, my check engine light came on...all after I spent a good bit of time talking to Tania. There are no accidents in life...point taken.