Thursday, February 23, 2006


One of the best things in life is mobility. The freedom to move around in the space that we live in, to move outside of the space we live is one of those great pleasures of life that we seldom are grateful for until we suffer some deprivation of it. I am lucky that, in my lifetime thus far, I have not suffered such deprivation and today, as I embarked on a run in, what many people would think was some pretty awful weather, I thought to myself how amazing it is.

Yes, I am one of those runners...I love to run. Most of the time, runners fall into the category of being pretty creepy in their passion, dedication and, more often than not, addiction to the exercise. I have run for so many different reasons throughout my life. I have run so that I "could" eat. I have run to reduce stress and anxiety. I have run because I was scared to not run. I have run for peace. I have run from peace. I have run to center myself. I have run to have control in my life. I have run to punish myself. You name it, I've run for it or from it.

At this point in my relationship with running, I would say that, more often than not, I am running because it centers me. The movement is meditation and allows me to clear my head. That is no easy task because my brain is constantly processing, turning over, seeking out and questioning information. But today, I was reminded of how great it feels to throw on your running shoes, open the door to the world beyond the projects, deadlines, obligations, needs of others, and responsibilities...and just run. Just move.

My favorite two times to run are in the rain and at night. There is a certain intimacy that exists when you run in darkness. It is such a private time to feels like you are the only person out there and when you look up, a blanket of stars is hovering overhead. It feels so safe and secure. I always am amazed to look up and think about the infinite space that the universe is and how small we actually is definitely a communion of sorts with nature.

So my words of wisdom for all of you today: GET OUT AND MOVE. Enjoy what is around you, look up, look around, find inspiration from common, everyday things. Go run in the rain, get soaking wet, and enjoy every minute of it...just watch out for traffic...Atlanta drivers are not big on yielding to pedestrians.

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