Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why I love Kung Pao Chicken.

So this is the fortune I got from some take-out chinese the other if I needed a fortune to tell me that. One thing I was not so clear on was whether the fortune meant that, generally speaking, romance comes in my life in an unusual sort of way or if I should ANTICIPATE romance coming into my life in an unusual sort of way. In any case, I have temporarily given up on love. Don't worry...I have not officially given up on love...I have simply chosen to not make it a priority in my life for now. I just want it to be right on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL this time. I do want it all. I want kindness, intelligence, compassion, strength, sensitivity and self-awareness. I want to be with someone who honors and respects every aspect of who I am and puts equal priority in valuing and loving herself. I want to know that the person I commit myself to is 100% committed to herself and that, together, we can create a life that is meaningful. I value thinking about and considering the big questions of the universe. I want to know that she can think. I don't necessarily care about academic "intelligence;" I care that she wants to think about the possibilities...that she can balance passion and logic. Okay, so I want her to be a lot like me...if truth be told, I do. I want an equal. I don't care what she does, what she looks like, any of the details. I can work around details. I have worked around some serious details and I just want to be inspired by the love that I share with another person. Needless to say, with this list of demands...I am probably going to be single for a while. But I'll keep my eyes peeled for that unusual romance.

One more thing: a word of wisdom from one of my teacher..."the mate meant for you is the one whose goodness and work ethic is worth rearranging your single life for." –Anne Elser.

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