Sunday, February 19, 2006


I stole this from Anne Elser's blog...but these are my answers not hers.
Thanks, Anne :)

Four jobs I've had:
• Restaurant waiter
• GAP salesperson
• Pennington Biomedical Research Center "metabolic kitchen" worker
• Gold's Gym receptionist

Four jobs I'd like to have a for a day:
• Downhill skier (if I had the skills which, clearly, I do not)
• Actor
• Forensic anthropologist
• Inner-city Cop

Four movies I can watch over and over:
• American Beauty
• The Sound of Music
• Out of Africa
• The Black Stallion

Four places I’ve lived:
• Burlington, NC
• Mobile, AL
• Atlanta, GA
• Baton Rouge, LA

Four TV shows I love:
• Law and Order SVU (because Mariska Hartigay is soooo cute)
• The L Word
• Six Feet Under
• The Sopranos

Four of the most inspirational places I’ve vacationed:
• Sienna, Italy
• New York City
• The Lake District in Northwest England
• Asheville, NC

Four of my favorite dishes:
• My homemade pesto pizza
• My mom's chicken casserole (until I made it for myself this year and gave myself and my neighbor food poisoning)
• Anything from Albasha (a greek and lebanese restaurant in Baton Rouge)
• My mom's vegetable soup

Four sites I visit daily:
• Post Secret
• On-Line Dictionary
• Craigslist
• Mary Campbell Blog (just to check in with myself and see what I'm up to)

Four places I would rather be right now:
• Asleep in my bed snuggling with my dogs
• At a fabulous dinner with my best friends
• The beach...with NOTHING to do
• The mountains....with NOTHING to do and a horse somewhere close-by


Anne-Davnes said...

hey mary. How about bringing that pesto pizza to class on Tuesday, hm? I'm S T A R V I N G.

Anonymous said...

Do post the recipes for the pesto pizza and chicken casserole!

Anonymous said...

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