Friday, February 10, 2006

Meanwhile, back at sleepy's house (part 2)....

Okay, so something is up with my dreamworld these days. I had a dream last night that I was in my was a BIG house, but a sort of amalgamation of my parent's house and a house that I would live in...not my apartment right now, but a place I could see myself living in the future. For reasons unknown to me, the roof kept catching on wasn't the same room, but different locations in the house and I was running around the entire dream trying to put out these fires. I wasn't scared or worried, but each time I put a fire out, another one would start somewhere else.

Of course, I looked up the symbolism of fire in is what I found: "Fire can symbolize one or more of the following {but not limited to}: passion, sexual or or extreme emotions; fever, an actual body fever; unconscious destructive attitudes, greed, hate, anger; transformation, a need to rid yourself of unwanted attitudes or aspects that prevent you from being your true self; spirituality, a need to discover {self-} knowledge about your inner self.

Dreaming of your house being on fire may symbolize your external life is 'going up in flames', or a feeling that it is. Look at the dream and determine what causes these feelings, the other symbols associated with the fire. Sometimes these associated symbols appear as other people which may indicate emotions pertaining to that person or aspects that person possesses that represent your own emotions about yourself or other people."


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