Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ann Richards

"Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels."

Former Texas governor, Ann Richards, died amazing woman...strong, confident, funny, intelligent and real. "Her persona was always unconventional. When she was nearly 60, a grandmother and governor of Texas, Richards took to riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle because, she said, "I thought I needed to do something kind of jazzy."" (quote courtesy of

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minus five said...

no way! i didn't care too much for ann's politics, but she was an amazing woman. i always respected her for speaking her mind and doing things the way she felt they should be done. she didn't let anyone push her around.

in '98 i was out in los angeles visiting my friend and we were going to go be on the price is right. we got down to the studio only to find out that the game show was still on vacation for five more days. roseanne had just begun her talk show, so they offered us tickets to that instead. and we went.

the show blew. and roseanne was a huge bitch and i was so disappointed that she wasn't cool in real life. but her guests that day were lilly tomlin and ann richards. during one of the commercial breaks, i flashed ann richards the "hook 'em horns" sign.

ann: oh, hook 'em! you're from texas?!!

minus: yes, ma'am.

ann: what town?

minus: austin.

ann: oh, i'm so glad you're here!

that is my tribute to ann richards.

Anonymous said...

MF is a Republican?

minus five said...

oh, here we go again...

1. anon: who the heck are you? it would be kind of you to reveal yourself.

2. i am neither a registered republican nor a registered democrat, only a voter. i vote for whoever i like best, or i just choose the lesser of the evils.


First of all...anonymous posts are unwelcome on my blog. If you have something to say, a question to ask or whatever, please identify yourself. Secondly, who CARES what political party MF identifies herself with or not. She is thoughtful, intelligent and, regardless of her perspective, makes purposeful and insightful comments. Plus, she always stands behind her comments by identifying herself. That, I can always respect.

minus five said...

dang, anon! i wasn't going to verbally assault you like mary just did. i just wanted to know your name so that i could fight you.