Friday, September 08, 2006


Today I woke up to a MOST beautiful morning. You see, I am one of these freaky people who don't really like Spring...but I LOVE FALL. Fall is my favorites season for the following reasons:
open windows at night
long walks with my dogs in the park
leaves changing color
ENJOYING hot coffee
LSU football
snuggling (with my dogs, that is)
Christ, that sounds like a cheesy personal ad....
There is so much energy in the air during fall...I can't get enough of it...and it is finally here...I am 30 and I have a t.v. Life is good. I guess the irony to my love of the fall is that I HATE being cold...and being cold is just around the corner, but in the spirit of living life in the present, I will just enjoy the pending jacket-requiring-temperature weather.


Tania Rochelle said...

Grey's Anatomy starts on September 21, Mary...

Anne-Davnes said...

I love it, too. When I am set free, it'll be like POOF, it's fall. I can't wait to slip a turtleneck over my chin, slip into a pair of funky colored tights, wrap a sweater around my waist and wear my Frye boots again.


I don't know much about Grey's Anatomy...but if it is a good as Law and Order, I am going to definitely make time to watch it.

Anne....your Frye boots are kick ass...