Thursday, September 21, 2006

Weekend Fun!

This should be a very exciting weekend for me!
There are two very cool things going on in the city of Hotlanta.
1. I am going to personally meet Debbie Millman's new best friend, Minus 5.
2. Southern Comfort.
I know what you all are thinking, Southern Comfort? Isn't that Bourbon? A rather odd thing to celebrate, even for a girl from south Louisana. Alas, it is not what you think. Southern comfort is the WOLRD'S LARGEST TRANSGENDERED PERSON'S CONFERENCE and it is held here in the mighty city of Atlanta. Yes, folks, that's right...women that look like Bea Arthur are going to be running rampant the streets of Midtown...I may have a date by the weekend, yet.

It seems that M5 thinks we don't know why she is REALLY coming down here...she thinks WE think she's coming to hear Tania read poetry...but I found this pic on the internet...and I think it's time she just tell the world...she's the queen of Southern Comfort 2006.


minus five said...

oh, wow. i think tania could probably fill you in on how much fire you're playing with right now, since you obviously have no clue who you just screwed with.

so a couple of things:

1. if you people want to transplant my face, please email and ask me for a picture.

2. obviously we need to sit down for a little photoshop 101.

i don't even think you've got balls of steel for posting this entry, i think it just means you're ignorant. i mean, i almost feel sorry for you. you're cross-dressing neighbors are the last thing you need to fear right now.

Tania Rochelle said...

I wouldn't want to be Mary right now.

A said...

Me either.

Tania Rochelle said...

Hey Mary, why don't you pick Sarah up at the airport tonight.


I know this may very well be my last day on this beautiful earth, but I am thoroughly enjoying it...

Tania Rochelle said...

Enjoy it while you can. That's all I'm saying.