Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poetry Reading at Tech.

For those of you unfortunate enough to miss Tania's poetry reading yesterday afternoon at Georgia Tech, well, you really F*&e@#'d up. To be honest with my gentle readers, I was not particularly fired up about hearing the other poets...despite the fact that I would consider myself to be above average in intelligence, a good deal of poetry goes straight over my head. I had read Tania's work before, was familiar with the content and was excited to hear her speak, felt that possibly subjecting myself to an hour's worth of literary confusion would be well worth it.

I was right.

Once, a friend told me, after we had visited a gallery opening together and she had seen me looking at the work and talking to the artist that she felt she had witnessed me "in my element." I wasn't totally sure what she had meant but interpreted it as meaning...I'm an artist...artists like art....we were in an art gallery...I was an artist in an art gallery looking at art. It all fits.

It was exciting to see another artist in HER element yesterday.

In the past year at PC, I have struggled with the issue of disclosing personal things in my design work...putting my joy and pain into my work...I really couldn't tell you why because my art is full of it, but there is something about having to defend one's work to a panel and disclose things that are sensitive, difficult or personal that just about sends me over the edge.

I have a new level of respect for Tania because she, with confidence, grace and humor creates amazing work from all of these things of her life...without apology, without softening the blow of her truth to her audiences, she puts it out there and people get it...her words resonate with people because they are real and beautiful...they convey a truth that, although reflects Tania's individual experience, reflects a truth many of us understand and have experienced. Perhaps, now, I understand why you can never be "too personal" (as Hank likes to say)...because it is the most authentic and powerful way one can communicate...Tania's reading is proof of this.

So...for those of you who have not heard Tania speak or were DUMB enough to miss yesterday...SHAME on was fantastic. Plus, she had a kick ass dress that I fully intend to steal when I kidnap her child, Lola.


Tania Rochelle said...

Thanks for saying all those sweet things, Mary.

You wouldn't keep Lola for long.

minus five said...

she was amazing last night. she's been amazing every time i've heard her read. and i hate poetry more than milton glaser loves ny.

her words get in and they kick you in the gut and they wake you in places you didn't even know you were sleeping.

but i don't want to steal her dress. only because i hate to wear dresses.

and i don't want to steal lola because she beats me up and its not too cool to be beat up by a six-year old.


Well....many people say I wouldn't have kept my crazy terrier, Fox, for long...but I wouldn't trade him for anything...stubborn, loud, hyper...but absolute, pure love.

And, Tania...that was not sweetness. I don't do sweetness. That was the truth. You are an amazing writer...and I am just glad to know someone with the substance, depth and insight that you have and that you pour into your work. It is an absolute gift and I'm just glad you share it with the rest of us.